12 tips on how to best arrange free casino games

It has never been easier to arrange free casino games, free spins and other benefits at the casino.

Do you like free gifts? Bonuses and free spins? The secret lies in scaling up your hunt for bonuses a bit, which you will see here:

1. Register at an online casino
Register your name and email address, and possibly also mobile numbers as well as a few other bits of information, and many casinos give you a gift as free spins on one or more slots.

There can be anything from ten, twenty to fifty free spins, but rarely more.

But if you can get 20 free spins from 30 online casinos, isn’t this something to germinate? Most casinos have departed from this “tradition” of giving away free spins. But some are still holding on, and there is no reason not to address them.

Most regular web users are a little “scared” to “give up” their email address as well as personal information such as first name, last name and phone number. Your instinct is right because it is important to watch out for our day.

But at the same time, one should not think that one should never be able to provide their email address for this type of marketing effort. The casino obviously wants to give you free rounds on a slot machine to tempt you to continue. And if you do not deposit money, you will probably receive reminders weekly. But don’t forget that many of these reminders will be very profitable for you.

If you can receive free money to play the casino, they are well worth giving some of their own information. It’s good economy.

So, if you like casino and slot machines, we recommend that you always register for free at a casino even if you do not intend to deposit money immediately.

2. No Deposit casino games
One term that is widely used when it comes to playing for free online is “no deposit bonus” or just “no deposit”.

This is a term that most avid gamers have heard of. And many people think the word no-deposit has a good tone. Because it sounds unbelievably good that you don’t have to put in money to play for real.

But a no deposit bonus is all the gifts and bonuses you receive from an online casino without having to deposit money. In most cases, however, bonuses and gifts are related to gaming. And it’s often free spins.

We mentioned that many casinos give you no deposit bonus if you sign up for free. This bonus is usually free spins.

In practice, this means that you register your name and email, and then you get a no deposit bonus in the form of free spins, which you then play without having to deposit anything.

There is of course a limit to how much it is possible to play for free in this way. But if you go for it, you can only sign up for all online casinos that offer no-deposit casino games, and then maybe we talk about 10,000 to 50,000 free spins together – without having to deposit a single penny .

3. Sign up for newsletters and SMS
When you are looking for free gifts, bonuses and benefits, it is important that you lose all opportunities, where you can find them. It doesn’t have to be restrictive, and if you are afraid to give out your email address or mobile number, you might as well find something else to do.

In fact, the more you are connected to a casino online, such as being registered there, subscribing to newsletters, having already made a deposit, etc. – your chances of you coming to receive nice gifts, bonuses and free spins in your inbox.

SMS is widely used among casinos.

And many dislike this for one thinks it is going too far to receive advertising on SMS. We totally agree with that, but having said that, the same is true here as it is for everything else: It’s about finding a good online casino that works safely and that you can trust.

Also, it is always possible to opt out of mailing lists and SMS lists, and in a few moments we will return to a “trick” that will help you keep your casino communication tidy.

But there is no doubt that if an online casino has your mobile number, yes then the chances are that you will receive free gifts and bonuses, free spins, etc. So it is important to take full advantage of this.

4. Organise your email inbox
If you are an avid player and eventually start using these tricks to fix you unfair advantages (which you obviously have every right to do) such as bonuses, free spins and the like, without putting in any money – yes, then you have to Get used to the idea of ​​receiving some email from several online casinos.

After all, for one of the best ways to receive a lot of free spins is to sign up for free, sign up for a newsletter list, or so on. This means you will also receive emails that have no gifts.

And that you will certainly receive more emails than you really want, for your own benefit, of course.

Then you may want to organize your inbox.

It may be wise whatever email has become the post office of the past, and a kind of global telephone directory and messaging service.

Did you know that you can upgrade your Gmail to what is called the G suite? This offers a number of benefits that can also help you better organize your inbox. You can then use your own domain name as your email address, but still use Google’s amazing servers behind the rug.

Once inside the inbox, it is important that you set up some folders.

And this is where it is important to create a “casino” folder. Create filters for which emails will go where, and simply add casinos to the filter as you register at multiple casinos.

This helps a lot, and depending on which email reader you use, you can filter a lot so you don’t have to see all the emails coming in when they come in – for example.

If you use Google’s email service, you should know that you can use the “Inbox” app, which is an alternative email reader to the regular “Gmail”.

This Google app sorts all incoming emails much better than before, and you can easily set up filters. But a lot is already in place, and the app is constantly improving, so you can avoid a lot of spam and make email work much easier if you use Inbox.

Test it out, at least.

5. Have a dedicated email address
Having a marketing mail come to their inbox as long as a stock filter and folders is no big deal. Or an app like Google’s “Inbox”.

But if you still want to create a separate email for all correspondence with the online casino, just do this.

Many people like to have a separate email address for this type of correspondence. The best thing is to use a free email from Google or Yahoo, which you can set up in no time.

Enter this email address every time you register at a casino and you do not have to expose your regular email.

However, please note that your email provider, whether Google, Yahoo or others, will know everything about you. And this is data we know they share with the authorities. So if you are particularly concerned about security and web issues, or just want to add an extra layer of security to protect against Google getting too much data tied to you, buying your own domain name, setting up simple, But secure, serve and serve your own email.

If you are interested in a good and affordable domain registrar you can check it here, and if you want free “privacy” registration for life, just enter “privacy please” in the check-out and you save up to $ 10 a year . It is essential that you use privacy registration when purchasing domain names, not least because you also avoid spreading your own email address across the web.

This registrar also offers easy hosting as well as dedicated IP address. Absolutely perfect if you would like an email that reads like this:

6. Make a small deposit
One of the very best tips on how to arrange extra giveaways, free spins, casino bonuses or pure casino cash gifts that you can use to play for, is coming now.

And that’s about why it pays to deposit a first deposit much more often than most people do.

But wait a minute … I thought we were talking about free play here, you might say. Sure, but think of a deposit as the only logical next step to receive free gifts from a casino.

If you have already received the no-deposit registration gift and may have been at the casino for a few weeks. It’s time to see how the casino really behaves and at the same time receive your deposit bonus.

It can come up to 500%, so there’s a lot to be gained from investing “a little” money here, that’s no doubt.

First, let us state that they are important that you follow the tips we have mentioned so far. So you have signed up at absolutely every online casino that gives you gifts upon registration and utilized the no-deposit thing to the maximum.

However, there is a stop in that way to fish for gifts.

You can try milking this some more by hanging around a bit and waiting for it to knock down an email with gifts, but the best thing is to move on to phase two. And this is where it’s all about depositing money at several casinos.

Most people only choose one casino, but there are wrong tactics in many ways, which we will explain in detail. Because if you choose one casino, how can you know that you won’t miss a better casino somewhere else? The only way to find out is to try playing at a casino.

Play for real. And then you have to make a small deposit.

But the real reason we recommend you make a small deposit of two, three, five, six, yes maybe up to ten casinos – depending on yourself – is that you are then on the very first customer list at these casinos.

Let’s explain.

When you are not a customer of a casino, but have signed up, you find yourself, behind the scenes, on a particular list where you will receive emails that try to make you deposit money the first time. But as you make a deposit, you come to the beginning of a new series of emails – this time as a customer.

Depending on how you “behave” you will receive emails trying to help you along the way. For example, if you make a first deposit in the month of May, for example, and no longer play at the casino, you may receive a giveaway gift of several hundred dollars or more in June just to get you back to becoming an active customer.

So this way you move through a variety of email lists as you get a relationship with an online casino.

This is good, and you should use it, so if you have made a first deposit of ten online casinos, then you will receive ten times as many real offers as one that is only a real customer at one casino.

And try to thin the casinos a little by not playing them for a while. Suddenly, a nice bonus will pop in to your inbox.

That’s why we think you should deposit more than one casino: To increase your chances of playing for free.

7. Keep track of
If you like free gifts at the casino, it is important, as you have seen, to register at 30 to 50 casinos, and after a few steps make a small deposit of 2 to 10 of them.

But with this professional and comprehensive approach to receiving gifts from the casino, you probably need a little help to keep track of all the information.

We have talked a bit about this by email, and we have mentioned this with folders, as well as our own dedicated email. Most people may think it makes sense to have a separate email address for this, but is this so secure?

How’s the overview?

For when you check the email you must log in every time. Wouldn’t it have been better if all the email from every casino came in to a dedicated folder in your email inbox?

You have to decide this yourself, but it’s important to keep track of it.

Another tip is always to use a good email reader that catches spam. The less spam that comes, the easier it is for you to keep track of, because it doesn’t help if you’re bombarded with spam.

If you’re already in Google systems, consider using the calendar strongly.

Here you can mark on the calendar when you registered at a casino, when you received gifts from them, what you received as well as register when you deposited money for the first time, plus deposits after that.

This way you have a complete overview of your history with a casino.

And this is data that you sit on yourself, and you can easily check for disputes. Don’t forget to note all the winnings you have had with bonus money. This will be useful to check that the casino does not cheat on the wagering requirement.

8. Always play at two to three casinos
We have mentioned that you should really deposit micro deposits at up to ten casinos. Here you will of course have a lot to play for in bonuses and gifts.

But as you gradually plow through this you will probably notice that you have a few favorite casinos.

Often, the favorite casino for the visual may be one thing, but customer service another. Always choose the casino that gives you:

  • Good bonus
  • Has high bonus limits
  • Has low turnover requirements
  • Good selection of games
  • Am serious
  • So don’t think that “favorite” in this case means trivial things like design ????

On your own, after testing ten casinos for real, plus some others for free, you will be left with about three big favorites.

And that’s when we recommend that you do not decide on one of these now, but distribute your monthly bets on all three.

You will increase the chances of getting great deals from the casinos the more you play.

9. Read casino reviews
It is important to be up to date, and therefore it is important to read casino reviews.

But not any casino reviews, of course, but those that have something to come by. And that gives you information you find useful.

The point is that it is important that you are familiar with all the concepts used and that you learn to see differences from the casinos.

It’s really just about learning more about online casinos by reading information about them. It’s all about bonuses and gifts before deposits, by deposits, as well as promotions they come through all week – plus for seasons and special holidays.

But most of all you want a casino that is serious, that responds quickly to your inquiries, and that takes care of you while of course running a business.

Casino reviews will help you greatly, because almost no matter how bad a review is in the sense of lack of information, you will notice whether the reviewer is really satisfied or not. You notice a certain tone in the text, and some reviewers are serious, so you can only read what is written in black and white.

10. Be systematic
Some may panic by thinking of signing up at 30 to 50 online casinos, making a small deposit of up to ten, and some more at three others. But this is the ninja way that allows you to receive lots of free money to play for.

The secret here lies in the gear and in the dimensions. You need to scale everything up in volume to see good results.

Therefore, it is important to plow through many casinos, and it is important to be systematic. Feel free to use the information from the website, because there you will find a lot.

Then it’s all about having a checklist and checking off as you go down the list.

11. Be open
It is important to be open and always be on the lookout for opportunities for bonuses and gifts. Some people are naturally more positive than others, but don’t overlook that these things may have something to say.

Gamblers talk about “lucky streaks” for example, and there are many examples of this having a lot going on.

So take care of yourself and have fun. Then you will probably attract a lot of positive.

12. Begin today
Don’t delay, but get started today!

How to get better at poker

1. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose. You hurt yourself and play much worse than usual.

2. Read everything you come across from good literature on poker. I especially recommend “Theory of Poker” by David Sklansky and “Winning Low Limit Holdem” by Lee Jones.

3. Visit chat rooms on the internet to discuss poker. There you will find many useful tips and ideas on how to improve your skills.

4. Play money tournaments on the internet are a great way to start. Free games can also be used to try out new strategies.

5. Start small. Wait with the big bets until you come into the game and have won some small pots.

6. A tight and aggressive style of play is best. But when the opportunity arises, it may pay to play more loosely.

7. Don’t try to deceive your opponents by being an actor. It may work on amateurs, but against real poker players you are exposed and crushed.

8. If you do not play well one night, stop immediately. You don’t have to quit because of bad luck, but unless your brain is in shape, you should not continue to lose.

9. Think carefully about your opponent’s moves. Why did he do as he did and what kind of card does it probably have? Never make a move without carefully considering the situation and give yourself a reason for the move. It is not the cards that decide, but the situation around the table.

10. Talk to your poker buddies after playing. What did you do wrong and what did you do right. Give each other tips and share knowledge. If you stand together, you will become ever better poker players.

11. Don’t give any free information to your opponents. For example, do not throw your chips aggressively on the table. Sooner or later, someone may read your behavior and you are revealed.

12. If your strength is to read players and the psychic part of poker, I recommend you bet on “live” poker. However, if you are the best at analytical and mathematical, internet poker may be better for you.

13. Do not believe that you have been taught. A player who believes that will never get better. Rather the opposite. I know myself that I have things I can improve on, and I am constantly trying to improve my game.

14. Try not to bluff before you are really experienced.

15. And most importantly: Remember to have fun! Don’t play if you are not having fun!

16. A trick tip in the end: Don’t get excited if an opponent wins the pot on a lucky river card, when he really should have thrown for the longest time. Congratulate him rather on the pot and say it was well played. Then he makes exactly the same mistake next time, but loses.

How to win money at the casino?

Want to win money? Are you tired of losing? Want to know the best tips for winning at online casinos? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Many people dream of winning money at the casino and there are some tips and tricks you can do to maximize their chances of winning. This article will cover the most basic, which will help you get closer to the gains. This guide is intended for those who are new to casino games, and for those who have some experience, but who have not thought carefully about how to optimize their strategy. One of the benefits of this guide is that you want to maximize your chances of winning, hoping to win the bigger winnings.

This guide is intended for those interested in slot machines, live casinos, and table games. However, it is important to be aware that this guide is not a guarantee that you will win, but rather a push in the right direction. To win a big win when playing requires a good portion of good old-fashioned luck, but it is also about choosing the right games. All games work differently, which is why we want to give you the tips to find the right games for you.

 1. Get to know the casino
There is not much worse than when you win a big prize and then you are told that you cannot withdraw the money. Therefore, it is always advisable to make sure that you play at a serious online casino and that you know in advance what to expect there. This is exactly why we are here for you, to guide you on the right path in the ocean of online casinos. We give you the information you need to successfully find a casino that is a serious player.

One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a casino to play at is that all gaming sites are different, which means that the procedures and rules for these are also different. But if you make sure to be aware of this in advance, it becomes easier not to be disappointed and frustrated on a later occasion. One thing you probably agree with is that it is great to get paid the money once you have managed to win. Especially if you have won big. Therefore, it is wise to be aware that some casinos have a limit on how much you can win with, for example, free spins. Information about this and much more can be found in our casino reviews.

Another important thing to know is that at some point you will have to send documents. You can read more about this on our verification page, where we also tell you the benefits of submitting this as early as possible. Receipts that are not received are usually the main reason for withdrawals on hold, so while it is boring to submit documents, it is you as a player who get the benefit of submitting this as early as possible.

It is also important to ensure that the casino is fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and / or Curacao. We can guarantee that all the partners we have on our site are serious players in the market and they have been selected by us according to the standards we ourselves believe good online casinos should hold.

2. Get to know the offers
Once you have selected a casino, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the offers available at the specific casino and the rules that apply to them. This information is usually also found in the reviews you find on our site. It is common for them to give you extra money to play for, and they almost always come with a requirement that you have to play for a certain amount before you can withdraw the money you have in your playing account. It is therefore wise to know what this requirement is and what games they allow you to bet on to turn the bonus over.

This is important to keep track of, so that you do not waive any gain by not completing the requirements. The requirements may seem quite high at first glance, but it is important to keep in mind that the payout percentage on the vending machines is high, and that is regardless of the big winnings you are interested in. little drop in the sea!

However, as mentioned in the previous tip, it is wise to know in advance if there is any limit to how much you are allowed to win with the free spins / bonus you receive. In addition, it is good to know if there is any maximum bet amount you can play for per spin.

3.: Keep the economy under control
It’s fun to win, but it’s important to know where the loss limit is. To win you also have to risk losing, so you have to know what you can afford to bet / lose. Therefore, set aside an amount that is meant to be money for gambling. Casino games should also be fun and it’s only fun if you feel like you have control over your finances. Another thing you can do is put a limit on your account, such as a deposit limit of $ 500 a month, or similar, whichever suits you best. This is a great way to keep the economy in place so you don’t forget and try to put in more than the limit you have set.

Controlling your finances outside the casino is not always enough, it is an advantage to decide what bets you want to play as well. It is always important to base your bet on the deposit, and it is not always wise to increase the bet every time you win big. If you start with $ 1000 you can safely expect to spin 120-200 spins at $ 10, but 150 spins is not always enough to win over the $ 1000 deposit. With 4 or 5 large bets you get the opportunity to play far more, and also more opportunities to make the winnings.

After a big win, it is always tempting to increase the bet. This is not always a good idea. Playing up from $ 300 to $ 1500 with only $ 4 bet does not mean that you have to play $ 20 at a time, as the winnings are fast. Read more about this in tip # 9!

4. Rather get big than many small deposits
It is much better to make one or two large deposits than many smaller deposits. We know from experience that many people like to make more small deposits, but it is not the trickiest thing to do for several reasons.

Firstly, many payment providers charge a fee per transaction and if you make many small deposits, this amount will build up. This is money you could have spent on other things instead!

Another reason is that it is in your own interest to maximize any bonus offers from the casino. If the bonus offer only applies to your first deposit and you choose to make two smaller deposits instead of a large one, you may miss half of what you might otherwise have received in the bonus.

Extra cash to play to increase your chances of winning! It is therefore important to take care of the chances of having extra funds to spend.

5. Read the Jackpot Rules!
It is common for jackpot machines to have different rules for jackpots. Read through these rules and make sure you understand them. If you do not understand them, we recommend contacting customer service who can explain them to you. It makes little sense to play on a progressive slot machine if your bet is less than what it takes to win the biggest jackpot. At the same time it is not wise to play with great effort if it only allows you to play a few rounds. Ideally, you want to play as many rounds as possible.

Some ATMs say that higher stakes give you higher chances of winning, so here it is important to find a balance that is right for you. You will want to play a good number of rounds and with as high a bet as possible. however, you will not play too few rounds with too high a stake, or too many rounds with a bet that does not qualify for the jackpot!

One rule can be that you only bet 0.5-1% of the amount available per game. Therefore, if you have $ 1000 to play for, it is advisable to never bet more than $ 10 per spin. But as I said: you must also know the rules of the machine and it makes no sense if it does not qualify for the jackpot. After all, that is the ultimate goal of a jackpot machine.

6. Understand the machine you are playing at
You need to understand how the machine you play on works. Always check the table for the paylines and review the rules for you to win. These can vary from slot machine to slot machine so it is important that you have an overview of how this works on exactly the slot you have chosen to play on.

Most vending machines show the payouts in coins in the payout table and maybe the bets you play with only appear as coins on the vending machine. Many vending machines have a setting that allows you to change what you see in real money value instead. To find out what you actually win in real money, you must know the coin value you are playing on the machine and then multiply that value by the amount shown in the payout table. For example, if you play with a coin value of 1 GBP and the payout table shows that you get 1000 coins if you win with the combination you have received, you will be paid 1 x 1000 ie 1000 GBP in real money.

Generally, a slot machine will not adjust the coin value if you press the max bet, but there are exceptions so it should be obsessed! Therefore, familiarize yourself with how it works on the machine you selected first, and if necessary we recommend testing with play money first so you get a sense of how it works. Most casinos have the option of letting you test the machines with play money before making a deposit. You can also try out most of the slots for free, and get all the information about them on our slots page.

7. Know the difference in volatility
All slots have high, medium or low volatility. Not many people are aware of what this actually is, but it has a lot to say on your chances of winning. The difference between high, medium and low volatility is simple;

  • High volatility: Rare but large gains.
  • Medium volatility: Regular gains, large and small.
  • Low Volatility: Often, but small gains.

This is usually the best way to know if you should play the slot machine or not. If you prefer to play at low stakes and do not have the opportunity – or want – to risk that much, it is best to play on low-volatility machines. However, if you are playing with medium bets, we recommend that you play on medium volatility machines so you can get the most out of your gambling.

Vending machines with high volatility reward great when you first hit a winning combination, but to play on such a vending machine you have to smear with patience. It takes a very long time between gains of importance when playing on a slot machine with high volatility. That said, when these vending machines first pay out – we are talking huge winnings!

8. Learn the rules of table games first
If you love playing table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and / or Baccarat, it is important that you know the rules and strategies beforehand as this will help you pretty much when playing for real money. When you play for your own money you obviously have more to lose than when you play for play money. Therefore, it is good to know in advance how the rules work and what is important to think about when playing.

You can read more about this on our table games page as well as in the guides in the section above. Once you have learned the rules, and hopefully the strategies too, just start playing! The best thing is to play at the live casino, where you play against a real dealer, not against a computer.

When playing on Roulette, it is better to bet on red or black if you do not want to risk that much. At least this is better to do in the beginning, as there is a greater chance of winning and less risk of losing. For table games, it is a little easier to imagine what the outcome might be than for slot machines as slot machines follow a random number generator (RNG), which makes the outcomes quite random.

9. Don’t let the win go to your head
We understand that it is fun to win, and that this is obviously the goal you have when playing money games. On the other hand, it is important to be aware that sometimes you also want to lose, and that you should not let the thought of winning go to your head. Playing on machines and other types of games is for entertainment only and should never be more than that.

Some tricky things to think about then to avoid being anything more than just entertainment are not, among other things, increasing your efforts when you win and not thinking about winning back what you have lost. At the same time, it is also important, as we also mentioned in tip number 3, that you take care not to play for money you cannot afford to lose.

10. Invite friends and acquaintances to play
If you are comfortable talking about gambling with friends and acquaintances, there may be something to gain from recruiting those as customers to the casino. There are many casinos that offer a bonus for referred players and extra funds to play for are always welcome!

10 poker tips that will improve your game

Are you starting to become a poker player, but not sure how to beat the big wolves at the gaming table? Do not fear! We give you 10 poker tips that will improve your game.

Now that you are over the beginner stage, we have put together a list of some more advanced tips that you can use to refine your game. When you have all this in place, you will soon notice that the poker game is starting to pay off for you.

1. Be selective with the hands you choose to play
While as a beginner, you typically only play high-ranked hands, as a more advanced player you can vary your game. This makes you unpredictable and difficult to read to your opponents. In good position you can often play half-good hands, and offer some aggressive pre-flop if there aren’t too many opponents left in the pot (and no one has raised before you). This can often be enough to “steal the pot” and it infers whatever fear in the few who choose to watch the flop with you.

2. Follow the cards carefully
The common cards that are in the table in games like Texas Hold’em are alpha and omega when it comes to reading the game. You quickly learn to look for potential straights or flushes, so you can more easily read the other players’ actions and think about which hand they are holding.

3. Know how and when to bluff
Bluffing is an art in online poker, not least because you can’t see your opponents’ faces. If you play tight / aggressive then you can allow yourself to bluff relatively often if you play with a “lightly frightened” table where people dare not follow you too much. You have to adjust the bluffing to this criterion, and the more aggressive the table, the less it pays to bluff too often.

4. Observe the other players
As an advanced player you are now skilled enough to form a profile of your opponents based on their action pattern and style of play. You can take notes on each player in most poker clients, and thus you can note whether the player is bluffing a lot, playing tight or loose, aggressive or passive (or varied) and other relevant things. Such notes can be worth gold in a “showdown” where it is only you and one more left in the pot.

5. Choose the right table for your level
Of course, it is important that you still do not become too superfluous, and you should always choose a table where as many players as possible are worse off than you. That’s how you make money in poker, and it’s not about ego, but about making money. If you want matching and training for better players, it is best to participate in a tournament.

6. Do not play semi-good hands from an early position
This can be tempting at times, and especially if you have been sitting long without getting anything but garbage hands. Still, it is a bad idea to “limp” in with good hands. Chances are you’ll hit a draw or something else “questionable” and become “pot committed”. Thus, you “just” have to see the flop, and then turn and tear all the way to the end. Suddenly you end up losing a lot of money on a hand that should have been thrown pre-flop.

7. Backplay some hands
This is a slightly advanced trick you can use in some cases. If you are sitting with the A7 in the same suit, ie a hand that is not really strong, then it can still be played if you do not have to pay too much to see the flop. Especially if there are a lot of people in the pot, this is a good idea, because if you land 3 cards of the same suit in the flop you will soon be stuck with “nuts” (ie the best hand possible) and many “pot committed” players who offers the pot for you.

8. Follow the gut feeling if you are unsure
If the gut says you have lost and you otherwise feel insecure, it is often best to throw yourself away. You develop a kind of sixth sense when playing a lot of poker online, and tiny things like the ten-second difference in reaction time to an opponent can be picked up by the subconscious and be enough to reveal whether you are on your way to losing or not. The challenge is to actually follow the gut feeling, and not get too tied up to the pot or “win”.

9. Don’t waste too much money chasing pots
This is a classic mistake that many make even long after they have passed the beginner’s stage. Hunting pots is expensive, and it is actually the art of throwing themselves properly that sets winning players from those who only “breaker even” in the long run.

10. Only play when you’re in the mood and obvious
It is important to stop playing if your mood drops or you notice you are starting to get tired and indifferent. Then there is a great danger that you go “tilt”, and suddenly play irrational almost without even noticing. If that happens, months of gambling can be ruined almost instantaneously and you will see the money plummet from your account at an amazing rate.

Poker tips from the pros

While playing in a MiniFTOPS tournament at Full Tilt, I came across a scenario that I see all the time.

I open and see. The flop is ace high and I’m not sitting with an ace.

I have to figure out if I can represent an ace or not.

In this type of hands, I’m never quite sure when to give up and accept that the opponent has an ace or whether to continue with my aggression.

I approached Ludovich Geilich, who recently won the Genting Poker Series (GPS) Newcastle Main Event, to hear his views on the matter. This is what he had to say.

The hand
The blinds are 60/120. The hero is in High Jack with 29,840 and has K ♦ Q ♦ on hand.

I open to 360 and Cut Off calls with a stack of 14,985.

Flop: A ♣ 6 ♦ 3 ♦ (pot is 990)

I bet 450 and he calls quickly.

Turn: J ♠ (1,890 in the pot)

I bet 900 and he calls.

River: 5 ♠ (3,690 in the pot)

I bet 2,800 and he calls.

The pre-flop game is standard. As soon as he calls after the flop I put him on a range as pairs on hand or suited connectors.

After the flop, I decide on a three-step bluff, if I do a continuation bet, to get him to fold the pair he has on hand.

I follow this plan, after he calls the flop and turns quickly. I know he can also have an ace and I don’t think he’s going to fold.

So the point is, how do you go when he can have any of the ranks I describe?

The first point I would like to emphasize is the understanding of how different this hand is played depending on whether you are playing live or online.

It is much more likely that you will have someone fold such a hand when playing live than online.

The game online is constantly changing. This is not so much the case with live gaming. Some of the things I do when playing live are crazy.

I would never get away with any of these things if I had played online. When I play online the majority of the good players are far better than me.

But when you bench them around a poker table, I’ll run over them because I want to grab the weaker players’ chips and use my stack in an aggressive way, to make life difficult for the stronger players.

You have to fight for every single pot when you play live.

What I get out of this is that it’s very important to identify what types of opponents are?

It’s extremely important. Take this hand, for example. You bluff and then you need to know how likely the opponent is to fold.

If you do not have this information then you allow luck to take over more of your game than skill.

At no point in this hand did I ever consider whether or not my opponent would fold. I decided after the flop that I wanted to make a three-step bluff, no matter what happened.

There is a mistake on a table like this. You have K ♦ Q ♦ and the flop is A ♣ 6 ♦ 3 ♦.

That means A ♦ is somewhere, so I wouldn’t try to win all the chips because I wouldn’t be able to get nuts.

If A ♣ was A ♦ and you got a flush, then everything will depend on the strength of your opponent’s hand.

If I think he has sixty, top pair or even top pair with the best kicker, when the router comes, with my image then I think I can win it all.

Even though I bet the river, I think I will get the chips in 80% of the cases.

With aces high and two squares, it is difficult to make a three-step bluff. I’m not saying you have to give up your hand all the time. But the cards on the table are incredibly important.

Queen, jack, ten or nine high tables with two squares, then I agree that you can fire loose with a three-step bluff. But with an ace high table, I think you can fire twice and then give up your hand.

Your opponent will too often have top pair when he calls twice. Although there is a strong player who can fold a hand, only a router will scare your opponent.

And even then, they may not let go of the top pair. So this is not a hand to try a three-step bluff.

At what point do you realize your opponent is sitting with an ace?

You bet 450 on the flop and he calls right away. Online it is a clear indicator.

If he is a bad player, then he has an ace. If he is a good player, he can give out a false signal by calling quickly.

It depends on how well you know the player. You can use HUD statistics or notes to gather information about your opponents, to make your decisions a little easier.

Imagine being a top player who earned $ 1-2 million in his career. In this situation, when I bet 450 and he calls right away, I don’t know what he has because he balances his response time.

You can fire twice to make 7-7, 8-8, 9-9 or 10-10 fold.

You may even see twice as much of a poorer flushing feature. If you are a quick checker, he might as well check and sometimes you can win the pot with king high.

What if you have no reads on your opponent?

If you have no reads, then your job is to control the size of the pot.

What else should I consider?

Which cards come on the table are very important, because it determines which range of hands you can use as a bluff.

In this hand you raise and the flop comes A ♣ 6 ♦ 3 ♦. If the cards that come on turn and river are 4-5, 5-7 or 4-7 (so you only need to fill up with a card from your hand to have a straight), then you may be able to succeed with a bluff on the river.

But here you have to have a good understanding of your opponent, it is very important. One who is good at reading hands knows that you rarely have a low card on your hand, which you must have in order to get a straight, and that means that you will often call your bluff.

When he looks at the flop, it is highly unlikely that he has A ♦, because he would have taken better time and tried to sell himself to a greater extent.

In this case, when he is eye-sighting, because you are blocking A-Q and A-K, then I would emphasize that his range is pair on hand, A-10 or A-J. He calls quickly because he doesn’t want to face a three-step bluff.

It looks like you have A-K or A-Q, but if he has A-10 or A-J he will still call you. If you had A-K on hand in this situation, you could make a thin value bet on the turn, to get value from A-10 or A-Q.

If you have A-Q you can also ask for thin value from A-Q. The Jack is a bad card because it then gets less action.

If you have A-Q you have to check first and then call, and A-K bets you and then you evaluate. The way this hand played out, I think it was pretty reasonable that he had A-10 or A-J.

He had A-J, but before I got to the river, couples were on hand in his range and so I prayed for the third time.

He wants such hands. Possibly because it’s early in the tournament and your stack is deep. He will even show up with a pair of jacks, because he doesn’t want 3-bets with J-J so early.

Then fire twice, and if he calls you give up on the river.

What other advice do we have for beginners in such situations?

You have to get to a point in your game, where many decisions are made without thinking.

This frees up more energy to think carefully through the difficult situations. You can only achieve this goal by playing as many hands as possible.

If you are a beginner then I would start by determining how many tables you can play at the same time and still maintain a high concentration level.

Let’s say there are four tables. Then I would play with money I can afford to lose, get up four multi-table tournaments or Sit and Go tables and start playing.

Each time you are knocked out of a tournament, you open a new table. Sit and Go tournaments are a great way to learn how to play poker with a small stack and multi-table tournaments for deeper stacker games.

If you play as many hands as possible then your brain will get to a point, in an elimination process, to make it work faster.

Let’s say you open with the A-10 in an early position and always call a 3-bet and then you lose money. Over time, your brain will remember this and your hand will automatically be dropped from your range in the early position.

Or you want to open, but fold for a 3-bet. Then a bit of a complicated puzzle is solved. Then a leak has been fixed.

Continuous play has contributed to this. Poker is like everything else in life. You have to work hard to reap the fruits.

Don’t buy the gossip that players just win because they are lucky. There is hard work, skills, determination and a bit of luck.