Is it the slots or baccarat that really makes Vegas the big bucks? Las Vegas has always been the pinnacle of the casino lifestyle in many players’ eyes, with glamorous hotels and suites comped for the high rollers, all the games you could want and world class entertainment. Ever since 1931, when the city first legalised gambling, Vegas has always lived up to its reputation as the ’Entertainment Capital of the World’. But recently, there’s been a shift in availability when it comes to casino games. What started as a monopoly for Vegas has gradually been supplemented by fantastic resort locations like Macau, Singapore and others, all drawing the attention of the wealthy high-rollers! Not to mention that the more casual gamers can easily play casino on Paddy Power from the comfort of their own home!

With so many new sources of games, how can Vegas compete? What are their revenues looking like? Well, we’ve had a look at the Nevada Gaming Commission’s figures for last year and can tell you that Vegas is… doing pretty well, actually. But do you think you can guess how well? Take this quiz and find out! Give us your nearest estimate and let’s see how you do!

Las Vegas Revenue Quiz: what do you think each game makes?

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