Later this month, a new Suicide Squad slot game will be released at all the best sites like bgo online casino. And to celebrate, we want to find out which member of the despicable gang of villains you’re most like using a fun personality quiz!

Created by DC Comics, the Suicide Squad are a troop of fictional super villains assembled by the government to save the world from disaster. The squad consists of six members, including The Joker’s twisted love interest Harley Quinn, deadly hitman Deadshot and genetic mutant Killer Croc.

The wicked bad guys made their first appearance in a 1959 comic book, but most of you probably know them from the 2016 blockbuster Suicide Squad film featuring Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto.

Each villain will star in the upcoming online video slot game as they appear on the big screen. And, being a release in Playtech’s acclaimed DC Super Hero Jackpot series, it will feature no less than four progressive jackpot prizes!

To get you even more excited for the game’s release, we’ve designed a fun quiz to establish which Suicide Squad you are most like based on your personality traits. Are you crazy and loveable like Harley Quinn? Are you super confident and always hitting your targets like Deadshot? Or are you someone hiding behind a tough exterior, like Killer Croc?

Take our quiz now to find out now.

Which member of the Suicide Squad are you?

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