Last Winners:
RU Tustinian K. Win 38,50 € Lost Atlantis
CZ Radek C. Win 288,00 € New Crazy Seven
FR John S. Win 864,00 € Lost Atlantis
RU Roman K. Win 540,00 € Rise of Napoleon
SE Elli T. Win 225,00 € Crazy Seven
GB Lesley K. Win 990,00 € Burning Sevens
UA Victor L. Win 426,00 € Wizards Tale
SE Stefan M. Win 900,00 € Treasure Island
PL Bartosz D. Win 864,00 € Wizards Tale
FR Miguel C. Win 1.375,00 € Treasure Island
CH Michelle A. Win 342,00 € Rise of Napoleon
RU Yurii R. Win 7.315,00 € Hotwheels
UA Vany G. Win 2.892,00 € Golden Fruits
AU Adam T. Win 1.278,00 € Wizards Tale
IT Patrizia W. Win 380,00 € Glamour Gems
NO Sanne L. Win 228,00 € Master of Sevens
RU Andrey P. Win 785,00 € Megawheels
TR Ahmet J. Win 1.350,00 € Wizards Tale
FI Timo M. Win 222,00 € Gladius
GR Ioannis J. Win 396,00 € Lost Atlantis
ES Daniel J. Win 1.680,00 € Burning Sevens
ES Juan O. Win 226,25 € Ramses II Deluxe
NO Erling P. Win 504,00 € Lost Atlantis
AT Monica K. Win 3.087,50 € Wizards Tale
UA Evgeniy G. Win 124,00 € Golden Fruits
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